Infapower 4 socket 13 Amp 5 m Drum - X816

Infapower 4 socket 13 Amp 5 m Drum - X816

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Infapowers 4 Socket 13 AMP 5 Metre Drum is made from the best quality materials available and meets all the current safety standards

Reinforced casing for better protection and impact resistance

Made from flame retardant self-extinguishing material

Rated at 13 AMP for a maximum load of 3120 Watts

Tough plug for rough usage- 13 AMP - BS 1363/A

Compliant with latest European standards BS EN 61242

Fitted with a thermal cut out to prevent overheating

Markings printed with indelible ink so they can’t be rubbed off during use.

Ventilated section ensures the reel is less prone to overheating Product