Toolzone 3 in 1 Flexi Pick Up Light & Claw-TO189

Toolzone 3 in 1 Flexi Pick Up Light & Claw-TO189

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Magnetic Pick Up Tool 3 In 1 with Claw and LED Light Garages Etc TO189

Suitable for Professional and Occasional Use

This 3-in-1 tool is flexible to reach tight places- has a LED light- 4 claws and a magnetic tip.

Retrieves both ferrous and non-ferrous objects.

Bright LED light provides excellent illumination to dark places.

Flexible shaft easily reaches confined spaces.

Durable chrome plated construction for heavy duty use- and will not rust.

Magnet securely holds small steel parts.

Claw firmly grasps small parts of any material

Press plunger and jaws opens wide / release plunger and jaws clamp shut.

Tightly wound spring snakes into tight dark areas to retrieve dropped objects.