Am-Tech 12pc  Glue Gun Stick - S1870

Am-Tech 12pc Glue Gun Stick - S1870

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Ideal Product: The Amtech Hot Melt Glue Sticks are ideal for crafting- decorating- and bonding objects with a glue gun. You can put these 11mm Glue Sticks to great creative use for gift card making- general arts and crafts- as well as- decorations.
Key benefits: 12-piece set of 11mm x 100mm high quality clear Hot Glue Sticks with strong adhesive and a superior finish across a range of surfaces. Quick setting hot melt glue.
Compatibility: These Glue Gun Sticks are compatible with the S1845 35W-80W Glue gun- as well as the Amtech S1850 50W Glue Gun and the Amtech J1930 Dent Repair Kit. You also have the flexibility to use these clear 11mm Glue Gun Sticks with any other glue gun brand- that accepts a 11mm glue stick diameter.
Caution: For health and safety- please do not touch the glue guns nozzle or any hot melt glue during use or application.
Range available: A selection of Glue stick sizes and quantities are available across the Amtech range when you search for these stock codes: S1865 12pc - Clear - 7.5x100mm S1868 50pc - Clear - 7x100mm S1870 12pc - Clear - 11x100mm S1872 50pc - Clear - 11x100mm S1875 30pc - Glitter - 7x100mm S1878 30pc - Glitter - 11x100mm J1932 10pc - Clear - 11x200mm