Am-Tech Retractable Utility Knife Soft Grip - S0476

Am-Tech Retractable Utility Knife Soft Grip - S0476

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DURABLE AND COMFORTABLE TO USE: This utility knife has a strong- zinc alloy die cast body with a soft- non-slip rubber grip for greater comfort and ease of use
VERSATILE AND EASY TO USE: With a quick blade change mechanism- this safety knife has an integral blade storage magazine and comes with 4 spare blades
EXTRA FEATURE: It also has a handy- integrated string cutter
Amtech Range: The Amtech knife cutter range includes: Amtech S0325 6 Retractable Utility Knife- Amtech S0465 Heavy Duty Utility Knife- Amtech S0470 Utility Knife with holster- Amtech S0476 Retractable Utility Knife with soft grip- Amtech S0488 Utility Safety Knife