Clipper MTM117 *Original Cols*  Mini Tube Lighter  - MTM117UKH

Clipper MTM117 *Original Cols* Mini Tube Lighter - MTM117UKH

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The Clipper Mini Tube Utility Lighter is suitable and reliable for multipurpose use around your house and garden. From lighting a candle to lighting the stove- this quality manufactured product fulfils many uses around the home. For best results refill with Clipper Butane Gas.

Here is the Clipper Tube Mini Utility Lighter! The shape is reminiscent of the classic Clipper lighter but with a feature designed for Clippermaniacs who are more inclined to stand in front of the barbecue or the stove!

Suitable for use in the kitchen- barbeques and more.

The utility lighter is available in different colours and they are refillable.

Electronic- Large button for easy ignition- Refillable- Adjustable flame