Deluxe Window Scrapper - H041004

Deluxe Window Scrapper - H041004

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• This professional standard glass scraper has been designed for heavy-duty use and is supplied with a rectangular- replaceable blade
• The metal body of the scraper provides a safe casing for the blade to be retracted into for optimum safety in-between uses
• This scraper is ideal for decorating and DIY jobs like removing paint- glue and other debris as part of preparation work


These razor-sharp scrapers can be used within a variety of applications from cutting- scraping- removing paint from glass- or simply general cleaning. These scrapers have been developed for experienced professionals and DIY enthusiasts and are an ideal tool when preparing surfaces including walls- floors- ceilings- as well as roofing applications and the removal of wallpaper and vinyl tiles. Scrapers are available in different materials and with different accessories for efficiency and ease of us- dependant on the task they are used for. Common uses for scrapers are:

• Professional painting and decorating
• Building and Construction