Christmas Music And Light Train Set - GH917

Christmas Music And Light Train Set - GH917

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This beautifully presented train set is the ideal gift to delight your little ones at Christmas time. The set features a train with working headlight- 2 Christmas carriages- a truck carrying a snowman- 8 pieces of curved track and 2 pieces of straight track. The track is extremely easy to put together and take apart using the built in clips- the carriages go together with the attached hooks. Thanks to the combination of straight and curved track pieces your children can get creative and configure the track as they wish. The train is powered by 2x AA batteries (not supplied) that are placed inside the train and cannot be seen when in use. When the batteries are inserted turn the train on using the on/off switch and it will move around the track pulling the carriages behind with its headlight shining and playing jingle bells. The train will travel either forwards or backwards depending on which way you move the on/off switch.