Dewoo 2000w Oil Filled Radiator - HEA1202GE

Dewoo 2000w Oil Filled Radiator - HEA1202GE

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Product Description:

This powerful and portable oil filled radiator is the perfect solution to warm up a home, garage, workshop or office.

Thanks to being highly portable and easy to operate with easy transportation from room to room thanks to the 4 roller wheels.

The adjustable thermostatic temperature control allows you to set your desired heat level for maximum comfort.

The radiator has a slim and portable free standing design 2000W power output so you can quickly and easily warm up your home or small office within 30 minutes.


• Home, Office or Garage Use - The Daewoo radiator is the ideal solution for warming up your home, garage or small office - Thanks to the power of the radiating heat you can be sure to stay warm during the winter months

• Thermostat Control - This heater features a handy thermostat and temperature control that lets you set which temperature suits you and others around you best for maximum comfort

• Slim and Portable Design - The vertical and freestanding design makes it perfect for storing in the corner of a room or office

• 200W Power Output - This radiator has a 1500w output, which means it can quickly and easily warm up a large room within 30 minutes of being turned on for maximum comfort

• Roller Wheels - The roller wheels at the bottom of the radiator allow for easy transportation from room to room and saves you trying to lift the radiator up yourself


• 6.74kg

Package Contents:

1 x Daewoo 2000W Oil Filled Radiator