Daewoo 4 Gang 25 Metre Handbag Reel - EXT1035

Daewoo 4 Gang 25 Metre Handbag Reel - EXT1035

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  • SAFETY CUT OUT SWITCH - The extension reel for home/outside garden use features a handy safety cut out function that automatically cuts the power from your extension reel before over-heating for absolute safety
  • 4 WAY SOCKET - The 4 way UK plug outlets are suitable for UK power adapters - The extension lead is ideal for using within your home, offices or even outside in your garden if you need the power
  • COMPACT DESIGN - The slim, compact and allows you transport your extension cable around the house or office with ease while also being able to place it behind your desk or on the floor so it saves space and doesn't get in the way
  • IDEAL FOR 4 DEVICES - The extension lead is perfect for when you have 4 appliances that you need powered - For example within your home/office where you need to power the monitor, laptop/desktop, printer or even just for your smartphone
  • 25 METRE LENGTH - This extension cable features a 25 metre length cable, which provides a longer reach your powered devices - Ideal if you're in a large office and need to power your multiple appliances from distance