T/Z 1200 AMP 5M Jump Leads - AU320

ToolZone 1200 AMP 5M Jump Leads - AU320

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Suitable for all vehicles- CAR / BIKE / HGV / TRACTOR / ALL MACHINERY

(no lorry to big or car to small - perfect for all).

Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

1200 amp rated.

The leads will easily start 6 / 12 and 24 volt applications.

5M long which gives fantastic flexibility when batteries are far away from each other..

Industrial rubber grips that are heavily sprung to ensure a tight solid grip on the battery terminal

Heavy gauge serrated teeth will ensure the grip stay on the terminal.

Soft pliable cable makes the leads very easy to handle and will lay flat and run in a straight line.

Comes in a pouch for easy storage and transportation.

Low voltage drop.

Outer gauge of the cable / total diameter 14mm

Total weight of the jump leads in the case 3.6 kgs.