Toolzone 5pc Air Tool Kit - AT034

Toolzone 5pc Air Tool Kit - AT034

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Air Compressor Tool Kit 5PC Gravity Spray Gun Tyre Inflator Duster Fence AT034

Suitable for Professional or Occasional use.

5pc Air Tool accessory kit / set.
Washing Gun- Inflating Gun- Air Dust Gun.
Spray paint gun and Air recoil hose.

5 Metre (16.5ft) flexible recoil air hose with connectors fitted.
Air duster gun for rapid cleaning of dust- swarf and water.
Degreasing gun with fluid container.
Inflating gun with rubber protected pressure gauge and flexible hard wearing rubber hose.

Spray Gun Specifications-
1.5mm-1.7mm Nozzle.
1000cc Capacity.
110-220mm pattern width.
8-10 cfm