Gainslorough Passage set - 305DSCSC

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The elegant Diplomat Series features a range of attractive finishes. Passage Set - Non-locking operation for general passage doors. Also available in Wardrobe and Cupboard Knobs. Can be combined with a 309 Privacy Adaptor for internal locking.
-Passage sets feature non-locking operation for general passage doors. -480 tubular should be pruchased separately for the above passage sets- please refer to page 75 in RETAIL section -Combine a passage set with a 309 privacy adaptor to suit bedroom or bathroom doors. The 309 privacy adaptor provides internal locking snib- panic release from inside and emergency access from outside. For 309 privacy adaptor- please refer to page 73 in RETAIL section. -For rebate kit- please refer to page 77 in RETAIL section. -For dummy knobs please refer to page 173 in TRADE section.